Old Mountain

The amplifier is designed for superior, precise, clear, tight, and flaunting sound reproduction. The music sensation, wealth of details, and natural midrange tones become especially evident in listening to classical or instrumental music.

About Old Mountain

The amplifier is made of 845 tubes type developed in the USA for the needs of the military industry. These tubes working in single end class A topology and they are characterized by high power, durability, and refined sound. For that reason, they have found their application in hi-end amplifiers enabling the production of sophisticated sound.

This amplifier also uses well-known 6sn7 preamplifier tubes, highly valuated in the high-end audio world. We use high grade carbon film resistors, silver wiring and “paper in oil”, signal path capacitors, often used in hi-end amplifiers, prevent sound distortion and coloration.

The case is made of anodized aluminum, finished with polished walnut, protected with 4 layers oil with wax.

A high quality, components combined with refined lines of housing, provides listener the unique pleasure of the sound perfection filling the entire ambient with a special beauty and warmth.