Driven by its unique architecture, our product is designed to impress the amplifier lovers the same way

About guggenheim

One of the most popular museums, the Guggenheim Museum, was an inspiration for this genuine exotic amplifier.

A high-quality materials and components have been used to achieve that goal. We bring back the classic with the 300B Vacuum Tube considered the queen of tubes that gives aprox.8 watts real tube power in the Single end mode. Custom made output transformer meets customers specifications for performing all tone spectrum going from the deepest bass to the highest tones with no loss of any detail or music feeling. To achieve a superior electrical performance, we use a toroidal transformer. The advantage of toroidal shape is that due to its symmetry radiates less EMI and the interference with other devices is reduced. For the superior sound we use silver interconnect cables wire. High quality audio grade capacitors help to significantly reduce degradation of the audio signal. In regard to the material, wooden components are made of walnut or ash and customers can choose between brushed aluminium or brass. Changes in capacitors, output and input RCA jacks can be done on demand.

For those of you who listen to classical music our Guggenheim is the best choice to dive into the perfectly spreading and capturing sound. Clear tones, powerful interpretation, give to the listener an impression that the orchestra is in your room playing just for you. You will feel a warm gentle touch of melody that comes out from the amplifier Guggenheim. We live in a lonely and stressful time when a desire for relaxing and positive, bright thoughts is stronger than ever. It’s proved that music heal and our Guggenheim is the best musicotherapy for everyone who loves a good sound.