Exotic 100

Single end configuration, with exclusive scheme designed by the author, using minimal number of parts (only one lamp as preamp) shortening as much as possible, the signal path and therefore the sound deterioration.

About exotic 100

The amplifier in such embodiment is unique worldwide. Assembled with rosewood knobs and ebony potentiometers. The case and parts are completely handcrafted, knobs, potentiometer buttons and every little thing is finished in fine grinding to a high gloss and coated with a special solution, (which is the secret masters) for high brilliance and wood naturalness. The robust case provides the minimal impact of vibrations on the lamps and thus reduces any possibility of microphony. The amplifier uses the bias control, so you can follow the life of the tubes (for this type of tube projected lifespan is almost 10,000 hours, unlike ordinary tubes which is around 2,000).  Output transformers as well as the power transformer are oversized eliminating the chance for overload providing higher quality sound. The lamps are TH100 with thorium-tungsten, more persistent than conventional lamps used for tube amplifiers.