The amplifier was designed to combine functionality, high power and sophisticated sound in small dimensions, and it’s also a beautiful piece that will, in addition to sound, brighten and enhance your living environment.

The amplifier is made with ecl86 tubes that combine both pre-amplifier and output stage. These are some of the hi-end Philips tubes, highly rated for quality sound reproduction. The bass area is tight and the treble is comfortable and to the optimum. It is adorned with natural mid-range tones for music enjoyment.

Our ear is first and foremost sensitive to the middle range, which are, among other things, the tones of the human voice. The musicality of your amplifier will offer you a complete vocal and acoustic experience, creating the impression that the performer is in front of you. The components implemented in this amplifier are portable capacitors (paper in oil), also potentiometers and carbon film resistors. The amplifier was made by the American School of Construction point-to-point technique. This method ensures the stability, endurance and perseverance of electronic device, which is thus less sensitive to external influences (temperature, electromagnetic radiation, vibration). This method requires more manufacturing time than the classical PCB, and is typical for handmade devices. The amplifier is housed in a chassis made of ash, naturally dried, solid, which, in addition to the aesthetic moment, provides resistance to environmental vibrations.

We believe that this amplifier will be the right choice for every good sound quality fan.