Amplifier are handcrafted in walnut wood and 3mm aluminium with leather details and perforated back plate on which was applied one sort of marquetry technic for cooling purpose

About YOT

Except of aestetic materials that we choose provide you maximum durability and endurance. We carefully choose every single high quality component that provides you highest fidelity and long life.

Amplifier has three inputs, selector, volume control, weight is 15kg, power is 15w and even with low efficancy speaker this power is more than enough for bigger living room. I use point to point soldering technique (American school, longer lasting and better quality than classic pcb) Tin with silver (minimizes the appearance of "cold solder" as well as increases the strength and conductivity of the joint) High-class capacitors (manufacturers such as nippon, matsushita, phillips, the exact choice of a particular brand is made after the sound test) Portable audiophile capacitors Oversized power supply.

Materials that we use: walnut wood,high polished aluminium, leather